K   I
P  A  I

While I have always thought of nature as the basis of my work, my mind has turned skyward. I now find the same intrigue and sense of destiny in the night sky.

The work on my website encompases my travels as a painter through many places that mystify me.

In the same way that I sense past and future lives in any place on earth, I sense time and the nature of existence in the midst of chaos in the sky above. I am curious about life.

It cannot be owned or touched like the notion of a perfect and sublime place.

These are visual and emotional fantasies and are meant to challenge the nature of observation and thought..


The two works on this page are done with the medium of Gouache on 22" x 30", 300 pound watercolor paper. I work with different scales and may shift scale to a smaller work on paper or very large oil on linen.